Hardy tree peonies

Coldhardy tree peonies.. Is tree peonies that can survive temperatures down to minus 20 degree celcius – some of the types called Paeonia delavayii lutea and Paeonia delavayii delavayii..Is this hardy

Also the most of the type Paeonia Rockii is hardy too..

I have grown theese tree peonies for over 20 years now

Paeonia delavayii lutea.. hybrid
Paeoniea rockii hybrid
When you cross yellow and red.. you can get such colors

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Living in Denmark where winter is very cold and summer is temperate you have to choose when you grow plants / tree s cold hardy - winter can go down to minus 20 summer up to plus 20 degree celcius.. growing Tree peonies myself here have learned me.. what will live and what will die 22 years of growing and practice - I now release what i have learnt

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