Ziplock sprouting

The seeds you now take into a can with water..
Use some fungicide – I use grape Kernel oil.2 drops or liter water..
To prevent root..
The seed is now staying in this water 3 – 5 will soak up the water..
The seeds rising to the top..are not mature seeds and has to be discharded..trowing away..
The seeds on the bottom are now ready to be sprouted…
Prepare moist Vermiculite ..or moss from the garden…take 1 zip lock bag..the ones made for a little lunch has the right size..
Write outside on the bag – the name of the seeds the amount of seed inside – and the date..put the moist Vermiculite..or moss inside the bag and a portion of the seeds..normally 10 – 12 seeds suit a bag – close the bag and put it in a container..near a heating can be a radiator..or on a warm place ..where the temperature is between 8 – 25 degree Celsius – keep it there for 3 month..

In between look in the bag and check if the seeds has sprouted..
Normally the seeds will be sprouting in this period..if some get moulded remove them from the bag

3 month later..when the seeds has sprouted..move the bags to a cold place…it could be a refrigiator. In the section of the the back..

Keep the seeds here in 3 month..check in the bags regularly..for the next upward sprouting…

Published by Tree peonies

Living in Denmark where winter is very cold and summer is temperate you have to choose when you grow plants / tree s cold hardy - winter can go down to minus 20 summer up to plus 20 degree celcius.. growing Tree peonies myself here have learned me.. what will live and what will die 22 years of growing and practice - I now release what i have learnt

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