About 1999 – 2022

My first web site was Tegn Peony..seeds by paeony species – then I began importing the roots from all of the world – and had the name Peony Rainbows

my Addiction

From childhood i had a love by flowers, my grand mother grew many and was the one to take the best every year – she had mostly roses but also Sweet peas – later on my way to school i discovered the peonies, many had this beautifull full dark red ones with an amazing fragance – i sneeken in and picked a few – in my 30 year i got my first garden and i had roses and began sowing seeds and grow plants – it was first in 1999 i began browing and breedeing – aqilegias was my first then peonies

My purpose is

TO make them available to all people in europe – when i started there was about 10 kind of peonies to buy – when i began some other also got the interest and soon more came to join me so in 15 years it was suddenly possibel to buy over 800 kind of peonies – and the peony nurseries in France -UK – began to take more varieties in