Transplanting the seedlings

The seeds now ready to transplant can be grown in deep pots i use root trainers made for small trees, i transplant inside to give them some time in warmt to recover. the seedlings has differences in the size and leaf form – plantet in the root trainer In this root trainer i plantet someContinue reading “Transplanting the seedlings”

Growing from seeds..

Learn how to sprout your tree peony 1 year.. Tree peony seeds natural needs normally 2 years to mature.. 1 – First year it needs cold winters and a shill by 6 month to sprout its first sprout…the down wards..root sprout Then the seed rest and go dormant..until next spring.. 2 – The followingContinue reading “Growing from seeds..”

Hardy Tree Peonies..2

Thoosing the tree peonies P.delavayii lutea or P.rockii and crosses between theese 2 kind of tree peonies – And you will have tree peonies that survive and flower each year.. more and more – It will take 3 – 4 years from planted to be sure they flower This is a seed plant ..a hybridContinue reading “Hardy Tree Peonies..2”

Hardy tree peonies

Coldhardy tree peonies.. Is tree peonies that can survive temperatures down to minus 20 degree celcius – some of the types called Paeonia delavayii lutea and Paeonia delavayii delavayii..Is this hardy Also the most of the type Paeonia Rockii is hardy too.. I have grown theese tree peonies for over 20 years now