Growing from seeds..

Learn how to sprout your tree peony 1 year..

Tree peony seeds natural needs normally 2 years to mature..

1 – First year it needs cold winters and a shill by 6 month to sprout its first sprout…the down wards..root sprout

Then the seed rest and go dormant..until next spring..

2 – The following spring the seed makes the sprouting upwards..the stem..

This is called double sprouting routine..

But we have learned that it is possible to make the seed sprout both ways in 1 year…

So the fresh seeds harvesting is ready for this..soak the seeds 

Collecting them and kept in a window sill shaded for 3 in a paper envelope…

The seed then get mature inside

when sprouted both ways – 3 month in warmt in the ziplock bags – then 3 month in the refrigiater cold – then when sprouted both ways – up and down.. the seedling is plantet in the soil if frost free or in pots frost fee,and set outside when frost is over

Theese are tree peonies from the family P.lutea delavayii – they are frost tender in their first vinter in pots so have to be protected or digged into the soil – when surviving it can be plantet int the soil and will in 3 – 4 years flower

the last tree peony the white one is a p.rockii tree peony – it is more hardy – mine has not set seeds so far.