Heavently Scent 2005

In 2005 – I had the website – And this was the peonies i had to offer – They where
import from USA – Klehm peonies – that i did buy wholesale – so 10 of each item
I found that telling when a peony did flower in the season – helped my customers
planning their own garden.

Here you se all the herbacaos peonies i did for selling – at the same time i was offering them to few Europaen compagnies – I had 1 in Nederland and 1 here in Denmark – that did buy with me – some of the peonies was new introductions as Klehm did breed new peonies – theese ones i only had 3 items of and they where of course more expensive.

Here you also se some items that i ordered from Nederland – theese ones was from Nederlands :

Theese where the newer bred for better performance..lower hight..better health and with newer hybrids :