The first seed batch..fall 2017 in root trainer..was placed beside the living older tree peonies in a box behind the hedge..but..

This winter was exceptional cold with many bare frost periods and wind shifting to North winds..

So staying just on the soil with no hedge in front..made them all die..

So at the spring we could empty tree peony seedlings..this year..

So the advise to dig the pot in the behind hedge..we tryed in winter 2018..also we split the seedlings so Michael did grow 1 batch and I did grow the other here..

So spring 2019 we both have living seedlings..mine ..there is about 8 – 10 plants..and Michael has 4 – 6

As you can that seedling have different leaf form.

Siblings survived winter

Summer 2018 was extremely warm and we had lots of seeds..

They where in zip lock bags..3×3 month ..warm../ cold..but the cold was not cold enough..So they have only sprouted down wards..but

78 was mature..33 on their way..and 103..did not sprout..