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Wild Tulips practical

10 years ago i plantet a bunch of wild crocus in my old garden – this year i saw the outcome – new and crossed crocus showed up many places where they had self sow – I missed them in my new garden and had also got my interest in the wild tulips so i decided to add them and the crocus here – I have grown peonies in over 20 years and always done it like – i will try it myself first so i know what to sell and what to solve.

So i did buy a bunch of both and planted them into some water boxes i use to have such in as i then can move them – But also in some small bulb boxes for the bigger amount of the same kind – I am a breeder of new ones so i know that placing them different places also gives the possibilitiy to have the same sorts flowering later or earlier – as i did not know when the bulbs began to flower – so i was able to move them together

Here is what i was dreaming to se the first year :

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